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1 Acquire Ninja 2 Skills 2.1 Jirobo 2* (Earth) 3 Analysis 3.1 Dosu's thoughts: Jirobo is an Earth-element ninja and a member of the Sound Four. As taken from his Ninja Discussion page on the forums: Source: Elite Instances (level 30, 40, 60), Survival Trial Probability Reward Mystery: Earth Style Barrier: Earth Prison (20214 chakra, 3-round cooldown, no battlefield cooldown) Increases. Jirobo (in Japanese: 次郎坊, Jirōbō) is an antagonist in Naruto and a member of the Sound Four, Orochimaru's elite bodyguards, serving as the muscle of the group. He was indirectly responsible for leading the Third Hokage's death, who used the Fourth Hokage's forbidden technique to prevent Orochimaru from using techniques Jirobo was one of Orochimaru's Sound Four bodyguards and a shinobi of Otogakure. 1 Background 2 Naruto 3 Personality 4 Abilities Little is known of Jirobo's background, other than that he was handpicked by Orochimaru to be one of his Sound Four bodyguards, along with Kidomaru, Tayuya, and Sakon and Ukon. They were later defeated by Kimimaro, who forced them to be their leader. Jirobo made his. Jirobo is a ninja of the Hidden Sound Village. He is also a member of the Sound Five, a group hired by Orochimaru to escort Sasuke to darkness Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Sit

The Naruto (Japanese: ナルト) manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Masashi Kishimoto.The series takes place in a fictional universe where countries vie for power by employing ninja who can use superhuman abilities in combat. The storyline is divided into two parts, simply named Part I and Part II, with the latter taking place two-and-a-half years after. While Jirobo's victory seemed certain, Choji ended up channeling all of his chakras and defeated Jirobo, ultimately killing him. NEXT: Naruto Shippuden: Last 10 Characters Who Died (In Chronological Order Jirobo was branded with a powerful cursed seal from Orochimaru, which increases his physical strength as the seal it morphs, moving to a Level 2 Cursed seal form that massively changes his appearance and brings ridiculous strength for the power scaling of the Naruto series at that point in time What is Jirobo's last name? I must know because I am creating a Naruto website and including the full list of characters. Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn,.

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Match location: Forest of Death Distance: 5 meters Restrictions: None Knowledge: Manga Stipulations: If the fight is too much in favor of Jirobo, then give Gamabunta CE Naruto (he can only go up to KN0 cloak). V Jirobo. Show: Naruto Franchise: Naruto. Incarnations View all 8 versions of Jirobo on BTVA. Jirobo VOICE. Michael Sorich. Kenta Miyake. Erick Salinas. Peppino Capotondi. Comments SEE ALL Shows » Movies: Naruto Shippuden the Movie 6: Road to Ninja, Naruto Shippuden the Movie 2: Bonds, Naruto Shippuden the Movie 5: Blood Prison. SEE ALL. Jirobo also losses to the other members hax. Only way he wins is if sakon fucks around long distance and gets trapped in the dome in base. A cs2 rashumon gate should break through it though by size Match: Base Jiraiya vs CS2 Jirobo Location: Naruto vs Pain Starting Distance: 25m Knowledge: None Mindset: IC Restrictions: Jiraiya is restricted to Taijutsu

Toph [Avatar] vs. Jirobo [Naruto] Fighting in the same forest Jirobo fought Choji. Start 15m away from each other. Round 1: In-Character (both), base Jirobo. Round 2: Bloodlusted (both), Curse Seal Stage 2 Jirobo. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 75% Upvoted. This thread is archived Naruto had been fighting Jirobo by keeping a safe distance between the two and using long range attacks. His wind jutsu proved to be no match for Jirobo's large figure and earth jutsu. The sound ninja hadn't been able to land a hit on him, which Naruto was grateful for, since he had seen what Jirobo's punches could do The Naruto manga originally became popular due to its gritty and intelligent fight scenes.The beam-based battles of other prominent Weekly Shonen Jump series were replaced with contests of skill, where more powerful opponents could be taken down with proper planning and teamwork. As time went on, the smart battles of Naruto fell by the wayside and were replaced with the usual energy beams and.

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Poll Gon Freecss(Hunter X Hunter) vs Jirobo(Naruto) (29 votes) Gon dominates the fat guy 59% . Jirobo pummels the little kid throughout the fight 41% •In character but serious. This CSS/HTML Code of Hidden Village Of The Sound Jirobo Chibi - Naruto works on almost every website or web page on the internet that allows, CSS and HTML coding. Like forums, normal web page etc. Option #2. Jirobo. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. Write the first paragraph of your article here. Section heading [edit | edit source] Write More Naruto Wiki. Naruto characters - JiroboNaruto PalaceNaruto characters - JiroboFree Naruto. Jirobo Jirobo (次郎坊, Jirōbō?) is the first member of the Sound Four to be introduced in the series. When Masashi Kishimoto was creating the Sound Four, he was the third member of the group to be created, and was intended to be the largest member of the group. [2 Jirobo (Herculean Big Eater) This page shows Jirobo (Herculean Big Eater)'s pros and cons, Ninjutsu, stats, skills, and abilities in Ultimate Ninja Blazing. Naruto Blazing Top Story (1/8)

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Jirobo ( Jirobo of the South Gate ) This page shows Jirobo ( Jirobo of the South Gate )'s pros and cons, jutsu, stats, and skills. Naruto Blazing Top Story (1/8) Every quote from Naruto characters (Even Akasuki sure!) Published June 1, 2014 · Updated June 14, 2014. 43 pages · 526,489 read Currently Naruto and Jirobo were standing behind a seated Kidomaru who looked completely relaxed, Around them were various thugs all carrying guns. The warehouse was clearly abandoned going by its current state, But going by the shiny metal table where the meeting was taking place, It was more than likely that this was a new location for mutual dealings

Cosplay of Jirobo from Naruto, as worn by cosplayer Matthew Higha Titles: Sound Four Member Series: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden Race: Human Clan: Unknown Age: 14. Summary: Jirobo is an antagonist in Naruto and a member of the Sound Four, Orochimaru's elite bodyguards, serving as the muscle of the group Tier: High 7-C, in Curse Mark 2 . Power and abilities: Hax: Attack Potency: Large Town, in Curse Mark 2 (Scales far above expansion Choji Naruto said with a wide grin. Jirobo kept attempting to strike Lee. If he were to connect with one of them, he would most likely send Lee hurtling. However, due to Lee's superior speed and technique, he managed to dodge every blow. Gah! Stand still! Jirobo shouted

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Jirobo of Otogakure Village Hidden by Sound and member of the 'Sound Four'. Diamond Favourite and Subscribe. Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Naruto Shippuden - Jirobo, was posted by Nanocon Want to discover art related to jirobonaruto? Check out amazing jirobonaruto artwork on DeviantArt. Get inspired by our community of talented artists animated, anime, jirobo, naruto, sasuke, As one of the Online Naruto Games, Naruto Battle Grounds is a fun, challenging action adventure ga.. 132 votes, 34 comments. 650k members in the Naruto community. Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Although you could also Naruto: The Weapon Master. Chapter 34: The Chase is On! Shikamaru was currently thinking about the situation that he and Neji were currently in when he took note of Jirobo preparing to attack, causing him to scramble to his feet and wave his hands in a placating manner

Naruto's eyes turned red as he let a bit of Kurama's chakra flow into his system, and afterwards, he leisurely lifted one of his hands and easily blocked the attack that was thrown at him, causing Jirobo's eyes to widen Versus Battle Jirobo (Naruto) vs Team Dosu (Naruto) Thread starter Bob74h; Start date Feb 2, 2021; Bob74h. Feb 2, 2021 #1. Feb 2, 2021 #1. Setting/Location: Sound Village Victory Conditions: Death of the opposing characters Motivation: In characte Stream Naruto SD opening by Jirobo from desktop or your mobile devic

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30/jul/2014 - Discuss Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, One Piece, Games Jirobo is the physically strongest member: he can lift boulder-sized rocks and hurl them across long distances with ease. He can also absorb others' chakra, which he uses as a form of sustenance. His fellow Sound Four member Tayuya frequently calls Jirobo fat due to his size and habit of consuming chakra, something he is quick to scold her for Naruto › Jirobo. Jirobo. Voiced Most Times By: Michael Sorich (in 9 titles) Kenta Miyake (in 10 titles) Total Actors: 4 Appearances: 10 Franchise: Naruto. Trending: 11,645th This Week. Jirobo Voice. Incarnations On BTVA: 10 Versions from 10 Titles. ALL; SHOWS (2) GAMES (8) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by. Naruto Episode 113 Choji Vs Jirobo #stayathome #dirumahaja #staysafe #tidakmudik #narutoepisode113 #narutokecilepisode113 #naruto

Uzumaki Clan. 1,882 likes · 160 talking about this. Podras encontrar desde pequeñas reseñas de interesantes personaje hasta memes y mucho mas. Dale like y siguenos!! Jirobo. Age : 14 Blood Type : B Born On : June 2 Current Status : (Deceased) Sound Ninja - Sound Four Member Eye Color : Brown Gender : Male Hair Naruto Shippuden; Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2; Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles; Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm; Recent Threads; Naruto Ultimate Ninja Trash 4 Jirobo Jirobo ( 次郎坊 Jirōbō ) is the physically strongest member of the Sound Four, albeit the least powerful, according to the oth.. animated, anime, jirobo, naruto, sasuke, As one of the Online Naruto Games, Naruto Battle Grounds is a fun, challenging action adventure. Jirobo was of course going to stuff his face at a burger place. He is one of the long term customers at that burger restaurant, which serves their food for free to elites like Jirobo. And this is probably the reason why he had put on so much weight ever since he joined the Sound Four

View, comment, download and edit naruto Minecraft skins animated, anime, jirobo, naruto, sasuke, As one of the Online Naruto Games, Naruto Battle Grounds is a fun, challenging action adventure game for teens and everyone. The main object of this game is to defeat all the enemies as you are moving forward, and fight the village chief to finally become the leader of the village

NARUTO CCG JIROBO 2002 SUPER RARE FOIL 251 1ST EDITION. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package Naruto CCG/TCG - Jirobo 1262 - Weapons of war Promo - Full art foil. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class. Shipping Procedure: Penny sleeved in a top-loader, taped between cardboard in the bubble-polymailer. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing Naruto and the others are trapped in Jirobo's Earth Dome Prison. The five slowly weaken as Jirobo drains their chakra from without. 7. Full Throttle Power! Choji, Ablaze! 23m. Freed from the Earth Dome Prison, Shikamaru and the others take off after the remaining Sound while Choji stays behind to face his challenger alone. 8

Naruto Uzumaki; Harry Dresden; Brad Armstrong (LISA) Hellboy; Spider-Man (616) Iron Fist (616) Blade (616) Community. Recent blog posts Help Explore. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Discuss. Jirobo. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. Jirobo Jirobo of the South. Jirobo's maximum hit points are decreased by 1d12 and they regain an equal amount of chakra points. D&D Wiki neither claims nor implies any rights to Naruto copyrights, trademarks, or logos, nor any owned by Shōnen Jump. This site is for non profit use only Read Choji and Jirobo from the story The War Angel (A Naruto Fanfic) by janmwhite (jmwhite) with 940 reads. wattys2016, konoha, nauto. Do.. Rock and Roll: Jirobo unlocked is an achievement in Naruto: Broken Bond. It is worth 20 points and can be received for: Complete the fight against Jirobo

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