DIDComm was invented back in 2017 and the first systems that used it went into prod in late 2018 there's a version 2 under development at DIF it's pretty similar to version 1 but a little bit of a transition in the future DIDComm can be used with any DID method and any transportation technology so the obvious one is htt DIDComm JS Lib. A shared effort with the HL Aries project to create a standardized means of authenticated general message passing between DID controllers. More information will be added soon. Rep How DIDComm works DIDComm is a cross-community standard that creates libraries and design patterns for two or more DID-controlling entities from diverse DID-based systems to communicate directly. From Geovane Fedrecheski and Oliver Terbu, in the chat: DIDComm is a standard way to exchange DID-aware encrypted messages, regardless of transport (e.g., unlike TLS, which is limited to TCP) - a set of subprotocols and related messages, such as those used for credentials exchang DIDComm can be used w/ any DID Method over any transport, you can use it peer-to-peer -- creates encrypted, authenticated messages asynchronous between many parties. Relies on JOSE stack for a lot of its tech. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny

Notable Specifications: DIDComm 2.0, Well Known DID Configuration, Universal Resolver & Registrar, Identity Hubs, Sidetree Protocol, DID SIOP (Self-Issued OpenID) World Wide Web Consortium (W3C Orie Steele: The SDS Working Group is a joint effort between W3C and DIF. The purpose is to support the concept of data storage that's associated with DIDs. Orie Steele : The use cases are things like storing wallet contents, storing things associated with a DID, sharing access between DIDs The DIDComm community is assuming that a party usually needs only one DIDComm endpoint (per transport) no matter how many services they intend to offer. (The per transport note is just to acknowledge that if you want to speak DIDComm over http, smtp, AMQP, BlueTooth, and sneakernet, those may be different endpoints -- but you don't need different ones for credential issuance, verification, and so forth T he DIDComm WG at DIF will meet weekly via video conference on Monday at 12 pm PST / 9 pm CET. For more details reach out to membership@identity.foundatio

W3C DID WG Meeting 2020-11-03 00:00:00 +000

These protocols can be the foundation of higher-level protocols such as credential exchange and higher-level authentication protocols. DIDcomm WG Operating Addendum. We are designing communications protocols specifically for use with the decentralized identifier specification at W3C ( https://www.w3.org/TR/did-core/ ) Example usage in DID Docs: @context:[ https://www.w3.org/ns/did/v1, https://identity.foundation/didcomm-messaging/ns/v2 ] We will need to add to the W3C DID Registry the following entry for type DIDCommMessaging: Normative Reference: https://identity.foundation/didcomm-messaging/spec JSON-LD: https://identity.foundation/didcomm-messaging/ns/v2 @tplooker @OR13 any JSON-LD recommendations Cc: Credentials Community Group <public-credentials@w3.org> DIDComm is currently a *set* of specs. There are two different generations of it. Generation 1 was built in the Hyperledger community and implemented in about a dozen different software stacks there

Kaliya Young: @Manu: CHAPI and DIDComm are about how to get data from point a to b it is about getting data around between different roles in the ecosystem. Kaliya Young : Slide 3: expand those arrows and show what is going on inside those arrows - these are really request response cycles - send request to the other role https://www.w3.org/ns/did/v1, https://didcomm.org/messaging/contexts/v2],... type:DIDCommMessaging, serviceEndpoint:http://example.com/path, accept:[didcomm/v2, didcomm/aip2;env=rfc587], routingKeys:[did:example:somemediator#somekey]...} </ pre > </ section > </ section > The Trust Over IP Foundation recognizes DIDComm as an important component of its vision for a next-gen Internet. The Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) currently has a working group dedicated to writing version 2 of the DIDComm spec. And the W3C has explored several variations on formal DIDComm that deliver similar value in similar ways

DIF - DID Communication Working Group - Donut

W3C home > Mailing lists > Public > public-credentials@w3.org > December 2019 Re: Implication of building storage around DIDcomm [Was:] DID USER AGENTS This message : [ Message body ] [ Respond ] [ More options Produce one or more high-quality specs that embody a method (DIDComm) for secure, private and (where applicable) authenticated message-based communication, where trust is rooted in DIDs and depends on the messages themselves, not on the external properties of the transport(s) used Produce one or more high-quality specs that embody a method (DIDComm) for secure, private and (where applicable) authenticated API, access control, synchronization, and at least a minimum viable HTTP-based interface compatible with W3C DIDs/VCs. Learn More. DIF, W3C, etc we are all about how do we bring this together into interoperable stack. With our program manager we are going to be trying to set up liason relationships to respond Adrian Hope-Bailie : So I hear the word interoperable - repeated all the time in this and other contexts and my perspective I don't hear anything that looks like interoperability bluetooth logo etc

Understanding DIDComm

Rieks From: Kyle Den Hartog <kdenhar@gmail.com> Sent: dinsdag 4 juni 2019 10:14 To: W3C Credentials CG (Public List) <public-credentials@w3.org> Subject: Re: DIDComm work Hey everyone, I've seen that a few people signed up to attend these meetings, but there was a bit of a snag that I haven't been able to resolve We follow international standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the Decentralised Identity Foundation (DIF) and the Trust over IP Foundation (ToIP). These manage and standardise Verifiable Credentials, Decentralised Identifiers (DID), as well as the DIDComm protocol identifiers (DIDs), an emerging W3C standard for decentralized PKI. Layer Two is the DIDComm protocol, a transport-independent protocol that uses DIDs to form and communicate over a cryp-tographically secure connection. Layer Three is a suite of credential exchange protocols based o From: Kyle Den Hartog <kdenhar@gmail.com> Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2019 02:14:06 -0600 Message-ID: <CAKOFKS3PuF9kDrF0K1c3fTNG9Z1+v8MPtYP_eWr+uPfAxD4DTA@mail.gmail.com> To: W3C Credentials CG (Public List) <public-credentials@w3.org> Hey everyone, I've seen that a few people signed up to attend these meetings, but there was a bit of a snag that I haven't been able to resolve

101 Session: Verifiable Credential Handler (CHAPI) and DIDCom

Hyperledger Aries is infrastructure for blockchain-rooted, peer-to-peer interactions - hyperledger/aries-rfc Steps for HTTP over DIDComm message handling. Steps http over did comm message handling is same as above, but you can use HTTP POST /http-over-didcomm/register to register http-over-didcomm message handlers. Steps for creating DID using vdr endpoint. To create DID use HTTP POST /vdr/did/create endpoint Based on DIDComm and Proof presentation proposed standards. Stronghold Integration. In development. Integrate Stronghold into the IOTA Identity framework, providing out-of-the-box An implementation of the Verifiable Credentials standard by W3C in Rust. This includes the creation, management and verification of Verifiable. This specification does not stipulate how Credential Manifests must be located, hosted, or retrieved, but does advise that Issuers SHOULD make their Credential Manifests available via an instance of the forthcoming semantic personal datastore standard being developed by DIF, W3C, and other groups (e.g. Identity Hubs) Ask questions DIDComm and serviceEndpoints Lets describe high level, the value of did comm, and how dids can be used to private communication. w3c/did-use-cases. Answer questions dhh1128. For examples, we could provide the following additional sentence: Some examples of problems.

The W3C Credentials Community Grou

Ask questions DIDComm and serviceEndpoints Lets describe high level, the value of did comm, and how dids can be used to private communication. w3c/did-use-case A pull request against Indy SDK introduces W3C compatibility in Indy proof formats. DIDComm v2 bases its message envelope on an IETF JSON Web Message, which is part of the JOSE family. The Hyperledger Aries Present Proof Protocol 2.0 describes how to present non-Hyperledger VCs in a standardized way

DIDComm# Trinsic charges a low, usage-based fee for the services we provide. From the W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model: Credentials are a part of our daily lives; driver's licenses are used to assert that we are capable of operating a motor vehicle. DIDComm should not prohibit the use of DIDs that publicly publish service endpoints (personal opinion, neither should DID Core....)., however we can recommend against ANY unnecessary disclosure outside of an encrypted channel.. It is, however, important to note that: a) the W3C verifiable credential standard supports several different data container formats as well as multiple digital signature options, and b) the W3C standard does not standardize credential presentation and exchange protocols (which were explicitly out of scope for the W3C Working Group charter but were, rather, left for industry to innovate) In other DIDComm news, DIF member Jolocom announced this week a DIDComm v2 sample implementation in Rust, the evolving WebID pre-standard being discussed in some browser groups of W3C,. Businesses that recognize and seize the opportunity to use emerging standardized decentralized identity technologies for customer identity management will create a long-term competitive advantage that will enable them to leapfrog the competition and maintain their lead far into the future. This leading edge will come from having a holistic solution to identity management that encompasses.

The trust infrastructure is concerned with the question of how and why the presented information can be trusted. It defines the rules for all stakeholders and enables legally binding relationships with the combination of governance frameworks, which are built on top of trust frameworks Examples of discrete container formats include a single Verifiable Credential within a Verifiable Presentation as defined in W3C Verifiable Credentials, OpenID Connect Tokens, and JSON Web Tokens. This is to ensure that related requirements, for example, given name and family name within the same Input Descriptor Object also come from the same container The W3C-standard Verifiable Credential gets stored in their mobile wallet's private data store (PDS), under their ownership. (task: waive account fee) and then send this as a Proof Request to their connection via DIDComm. Once the Wallet Holder receives the proof request, they accept it DIDs are very much like this if I have a DID and de-reference to DIDComm, etc. traditional purls are persistent because of agreements with DID persistence is guaranteed with cryptography and root of trust. Kaliya Young: Daniel Burnett: w3c process slows down combining or crossing groups,. Opening this issue to track the unresolved problem of how to respond to a DIDComm message in which the from header contains a DID/DID-URL for methods that are self-certifying and do not depend on a common VDR between sender and recipient (eg.did:key, did:peer).. Motivation: Allowing use of ledger-less DIDs enables a party to communicate with a DIDComm agent without incurring the cost of.

On top of this foundation are other protocols, including credential exchange, basic user messaging, et This working group is created to produce one or more high-quality specs that embody a method (DIDComm) for secure, private and (where applicable) authenticated message-based communication, where trust is rooted in DIDs and depends on the messages themselves, not on the external. Layer Two is the DIDComm protocol, a transport-independent protocol that uses DIDs to form and communicate over a cryptographically secure connection. Layer Three is a suite of credential exchange protocols based on the W3C Verifiable Credentials standard for cryptographically verifiable digital credentials When we apply the lenses of Integrity to DIDcomm, then, all the properties of DIDcomm must be carefully implemented — During any kind of peer-to-peer message exchange, DIDcomm implementation should follow all the security and privacy considerations, also it should be completely flexible to work on any underlying infrastructure, thereby making it interoperable

1 Preventing Forgery & Counterfeiting of Certificates and Licenses Phase 1 Interoperability Plug Fest Test Plan . 1. Introduction. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is committed to using cutting-edg DIDComm Protocol The method by which Aries Protocol messages are delivered, irrespective of the message content. DID Exchange Protocol Based on the definition provided by the W3C Verifiable Claims Working Group. Hyperledger An initiative of the.

Overview of Decentralized Identity Standards by Nader

  1. The mission of the Decentralized Identifier Working Group is to standardize the DID URI scheme, the data model and syntax of DID Documents, which contain information related to DIDs that enable the aforementioned initial use cases, and the requirements for DID Method specifications
  2. W3C CCG work item to standardize on HTTP APIs (this extends the API standardization for the DHS SVIP plugfest; see also did:actor and did:web) DIDComm, and various WGs elsewhere. Dmitri Zangulin introduced the Secure Data Storage WG, jointly operated with the W3C,.
  3. Presentation, verification and storage of identity information remains a challenge in today's digital infrastructure. Even today, we are often requested to scan our passports and send them over a barely secured channel to a party that may not be able to securely store the scan. Self-sovereign communication is an important aspect of self-sovereign identity (SSI), namely having safe, secure.
  4. 4. Resolutions. Resolution #1: It is in scope for the DID WG to normatively define the parameters of a concrete set of processes that take a DID as input and provides a DID Document as output.; Resolution #2: It is in scope to make these processes take in options and provide back a document along with different classes of metadata (e.g., document metadata and resolution metadata)
  5. imum of features and functionalities, such that simple messages can be exchanged between all wallets, ideally to enable or.

The id and callback are used on the Platform, the body of the request payload is required by the Mobile Wallet client.. Sign and Encode the Presentation Request body. In order for the Mobile Wallet to have assurance about the Presentation Request, it must be signed using the authentication key from the Verifier DID.. The Create a JWS with a DID endpoint is available for this purpose Summary. DIDComm Service Type; AIP Subtargets; Date: 03 Feb 2021 (12PM Los Angeles, 3PM New York, Tuesday at 7AM Sydney) Remember the Hyperledger Code of Conduct Anti-Trust Policy: Linux Foundation meetings involve participation by industry competitors, and it is the intention of the Linux Foundation to conduct all of its activities in accordance with applicable antitrust and competition laws The W3C VCWG is a team diligently working on adding a new, secure identity management layer to the Internet. Among other efforts that they are working on, I found that, in Sept. 2020, they released a list of use cases and technical requirements for self-sovereign identity, see the Use Cases and Requirements for Decentralized Identifiers draft spec

Service Endpoints in the DID Doc might be an anti-pattern

DIF starts DIDComm Working Group

  1. W3C. Identifiers & Discovery Working Group - DIF Members of the Working Group are engaged in development of protocols and systems that enable creation, resolution, and discovery of decentralized identifiers and names across underlying decentralized systems, DIDComm. DIF. SOIP
  2. The Trinsic Wallet is the first self-sovereign identity app that's built entirely on open standards, including W3C specs for DIDs/Verifiable Credentials, and DIF/Aries specs for DIDComm. The wallet is built on the open source Hyperledger Aries Framework
  3. The Trinsic Wallet is the first self-sovereign identity app that's built entirely on open standards, including W3C specs for DIDs/Verifiable Credentials, and DIF/Aries specs for DIDComm. The wallet is built on the open source Hyperledger Aries Framework for Dot Net

Tutorial¶. The JSON-LD spec is a recommendation work product of the W3C RDF Working Group Since it was formally recommended as version 1.0 in 2014, the JSON for Linking Data Community Group has taken up not-yet-standards-track work on a 1.1 update.. JSON-LD has significant gravitas in identity circles. It gives to JSON some capabilities that are sorely needed to model the semantic web. SSI: Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) according to W3C, DIDComm; PKI, Web of Trust; We all learn new things every day. So don't let that scare you away if you don't know something yet. The Benefits. An attractive salary, bonuses and benefits. You determine your place of work

DID Communications WG - DIF Decentralized Identity Web

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The W3C Credentials Community Group Verifiable Claims and Digital Verification Go Back. Credentials CG Telecon Minutes for 2020-12-08. A huge focus of the work has also been focused on the verb like aspects particularly with the DIDComm specification.... To explain the difference to verb-like doesn't mean that identity stands. Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) as proposed by the W3C with the usage of anywise and peerwise DIDs. DIDcomm Messaging Protocol as specified by DIF for the communication between Agents. These standards are especially oriented towards interoperability between future identity solutions •Co-Chair W3C DID WG •Hyperledger Ursa Maintainer •Hyperledger Aries and Indy Contributor Hats. Commercial vendor of SSI software & solutions DIDComm Protocol Agent/Wallet Connection Peer DIDs Issuer Verifier Holder Trust Human Trust Layer Three Data Exchange Protocols Verifiable Credential Agent/Walle The work that the DIF Working Group is doing on DIDComm 2.0 would be a key protocol to consider when building this layer of the authenticity stack. DIDComm is a standard, open protocol for establishing unique, private and secure connections between multiple parties without requiring the assistance of an intermediary connection broker, like Google, WhatsApp, an email provider, or a phone. The GAIA-X concept of Authentication and Authorization is based on the SSI Standards W3C VerifiableCredentials and decentralized key management (DPKI) defined by the W3C DID Core Specification and extended with Aries Specifications for DID-based message exchange (DIDComm) supported by high level Aries protocols for proof request and presentation

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  1. Web Consortium (W3C) such as Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identities • Used the mobile device's secure enclave to adopting DIDComm to enable greater interoperability • The digital credentials and wallet were primarily used for Use Cases 3 and 4. 3
  2. I won't die on this hill, but given we are currently calling DID Messaging, DIDComm, I'm predicting our tendency is going to be to continue with that :) which will make clarification of what DIDComm means as an umbrella term harder in future
  3. g an Aries Developer (co
  4. The last month has seen a lot of activity on interoperability (test suites getting mature and documented, with profiles on the horizon) and #IIW32 had a distinctly heads-down, let's buidl this vibe to match. Spring is the season for groundwork, planting, and nurturing, after all. Table of contents Group Update
  5. The purpose of this chapter is to take the basic building blocks, usage scenarios, features and benefits of SSI that we introduced in Part 1 and place them into an overarching picture of SSI architecture
  6. Term: faster than light Short form: Acronym: FTL Language: en Labels concept: c-12345 (filename for this term would be t-12345.x.md, where 12345 comes from the concept, and x is 1-3 digits that uniquely identify the term in the context of its concept) Links to any discussions in github issues. Notes. metaphors or mental/conceptual models (or namespaces) that inform the choice of this label for.
  7. istrative message set by the DIDcomm protocol in support of the agents. An Aries cloud agent has an OpenAPI user interface that developers use to explore the specific agent's API

These decentralised approaches are based on standardised communication protocols (DIDcomm) and data standards for decentralised identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials which have been globally defined by the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

W3C DID Core Specification 8. DIF DIDComm V2 9. KERI (Key Event Receipt Infrastructure) 9/4/18 2. The Human Experience (working group) The November 2020 Roadshow! What is HXWG? Not your leftover scrabble tiles. Put people at the heart of the work of ToIP using human centered desig Image by Anemone123 from PixabayTrust, but Verify a popular quote that was frequently used by the former American President, Ronald Reagan when discussing U.S. relations with the Soviet Union. Trust is such a valuable factor in any ongoing relationship and is even more important when it comes to establishing th W3C's VC data model defines two proof methods: wrapping the VC in a JWT and use JWS, or use linked data proofs . Our solution uses the former, which is a standardized, widely used process. Linked data proofs have some advantages, such as they allow integration of semantics into the proofs, they support partial proofs and proofs generated by different public keys, and they can use Zero. SSI: Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) nach W3C, DIDComm; PKI, Web of Trust; Wir lernen alle jeden Tag neues. Also lass dich nicht davon abschrecken, wenn du etwas noch nicht kennst

Steps for HTTP over DIDComm message handling. Steps http over did comm message handling is same as above, but you can use HTTP POST /http-over-didcomm/register to register http-over-didcomm message handlers.. Steps for creating DID using vdr endpoint. To create DID use HTTP POST /vdr/did/create endpoint. For example, to create a peer DID in alice agent, go to HTTP POST /vdr/did/create of. Cases when self-sovereign identity makes business sense, content by Sovrin Foundation. The content of the image is the outcome of a collaborative effort organised within the Sovrin working group: Business of SSI. When we consider meaningful innovations based on their impact on society than technology is just a tool If you needed to share user databases with other people in an industry, you would need to form a standards body (like the W3C or IEEE, etc.) to agree on what data will be collected, what order it appears in, how it's spelled, punctuation, etc.The more specific the use case, the easier it is to standardize The DID Report 2 — January 2020 Second Meeting of the W3C DID Working Group in the Netherlands Drummond Reed W3C DID specification co-author Chief Trust Officer Evernym This presentation is released under a Creative Commons license. (CC BY-SA 4.0). SSIMeetup.org Markus Sabadello W3C DID specifica.. + What components do we need to create a equivalent framework that uses W3C/DIF standards + What should be standardized / described in an RFC DIDComm and identity hubs; How can we escape the threat of device-driven SSI. Key Management Solutions for Enterprises or Persons Biometrics in SS

We also see the Intention Byway as complementary to, rather than competitive with, developments with similar ambitions, such as SSI, DIDcomm, picos, and JLINC. Once we take off our browser blinders, a gigantic space for new e-commerce development appears The W3C verifiable credentials data model specification model shows the data flow among the issuer, holder and verifier. DIDComm peer-to-peer protocol, data exchange protocols and application ecosystems. At 54:09 Drummond reiterates the major purpose of 'Trust over IP Foundation' Produce one or more high-quality specs that embody a method (DIDComm) for secure, private and (where applicable) authenticated message-based communication, where trust is rooted in DIDs and depends on the messages themselves, not on the external properties of the transport(s) used

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A common privacy issue in traditional machine learning is that data needs to be disclosed for the training procedures. In situations with highly sensitive data such as healthcare records, accessing this information is challenging and often prohibited. Luckily, privacy-preserving technologies have been developed to overcome this hurdle by distributing the computation of the training and. Trusted P2P Messaging with DIDs, DIDComm and VCs. uPort writes a great post about their path towards trusted P2P messaging and announces the DIDAgent Framework (DAF) DIDKit is a cross-platform toolkit for working with W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) Example: Running in Issuer Mode¶. The following is a snippet of a Docker Compose TM file showing how Edge Service can be configured. It makes use of environment variables declared here Este segundo artículo es una continuación del anterior Interoperabilidad de datos en SSI, y en esta ocasión nos centraremos en la forma y sintaxis con la que estructuramos los datos enlazados en nuestros sistemas.. Para ello, veremos las diversas notaciones o serializaciones que existen para representar los datos en RDF, así como las estrategias para mejorar la legibilidad de estos por.

MyDataSuomessa identiteettiverkonavulla KUN PELKÄT RAJAPINNAT EIVÄT RIITÄ TULEVAISUUDEN RAKENTAMISEEN Antti Kettunen Senior Blockchain Consultan Note: In celebration of Sovrin Foundation's new membership program, the Foundation is providing periodic updates on the impactful work taking place across the community.. At the Sovrin Foundation we believe in 'Identity for All'. This means that every person and organization around the world should have access to a digital identity that they, and they alone control

Namespacing options for DIDComm Protocols and Message Types - Troy Ronda How to best talk about Aries interoperability, especially at public for= ums like IIW? 2019-09-11-A Aries= Working Group Call (US morning At one point in my career I would have been considered non-technical. This however is no longer the case. I don't write code and I don't as yet write specs. I do understand this technology as deeply as anyone can who isn't writing the code can. I co-chair a technical working group developing standards for [ SSI - from vision to reality Overview of industry efforts towards an interoperable decentralized identity technology stack. Rouven Heck (ConsenSys & Decentralized Identity Foundation

Security, Silos, and Sovereignty

idcon vol.28の登壇資料です。Credential Handler APIについて説明しています View Daniel Hardman's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Daniel has 13 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Daniel's. W3Cのドラフトではないのですが、よくまとまっている文書なので紹介します。DID DIDCommのサービスエンドポイントはDID Documentに記載されているので、二者でDID Document.

DIF - Authentication Working Group - Donut

Diese dezentralen Ansätze beruhen auf standardisierten Kommunikationsprotokollen (DIDcomm) sowie Datenstandards für Decentralized Identifiers (DID) und verifiable Credentials, die von der Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) und dem World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) global definiert werden und deren Ziel eine Interoperabilität über Schemes und Ländergrenzen hinweg ist In addition to the Identosphere Blogcatcher, this publication is also created using weekly Tweet Collections based on the following keyword searches #verifiablecredentials, #selfsovereignidentity, Self+Sovereign+Identity, Hyperledger+Aries, DIDComm, Key+Event+Receipt+Infrastructure, #ToIP, #TrustoverIP, w3c+Credentials VC & Open Badge Linkage . Tuesday 3G. Convener: Gabe Cohen (Workday) Notes-taker(s): Orie Steele, Nikhil Wadwa Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered: Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

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